How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10: 4 Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10

You’ll first need to hit the search bar and look for “Internet Options”, click on it, and then click on the “Programs” tab. There, you’ll see an option to “Manage add-ons” — click on that too and a new window for it will pop up. On the bottom of that window, you’ll see an option to ‘Learn more about toolbars and extensions’.

  • If you would rather have your full-screen screenshot saved to your computer instead of your clipboard, pressing the Windows key along with the PrtSc key will do the trick.
  • If you want to capture the full screen, make sure no particular window is active.
  • Use the Notification Area in Windows 10 to view, edit and save your screen shot.

One way involves opening the Ink Workspace, which is available by tapping the pen icon in the taskbar, and then clicking on ‘screen sketch’. From here, a full screenshot is captured and opened in a window that allows annotating. If you take screenshots often, creating a hotkey to open the Snipping Tool comes super handy.

To take a screen shot of only the active window you would press the ALT and Prt SC or ALT and PrintScreen at the same time. This will create a screen shot of the current window that you are using. An example can be seen in figure 2 below of the active program I was using at the time I pressed those keys.

Take a Screenshot of Part of The Screen

The PrtScn key is located at the upper right of your keyboard Brother Drivers update. It might have been abbreviated differently on your keyboard. Turn off the mention option for the Print Screen key. Can’t believe windows has done a 360 and it’s now the operating system that requires a Terminal to do BASIC tasks. Adding Alt- to the key combination will copy the foreground window.

It’s built from the ground up and now supports Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java, and even Progressive Web Apps. You can even find themes and extensions for Microsoft Edge on the new Microsoft Store. To receive periodic updates and news from BleepingComputer, please use the form below. Instead, Sun Valley 2 will be similar to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so you can expect minor improvements and a few new features.

How to use Snip & Sketch on Windows for partial screenshots

Cloud download downloads a new copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft directly whereas a local reinstall uses the Windows 10 version already on your computer. Clicking the “Get started” button will not immediately reset your device — you’ll decide what kind of reset to do next. Here’s how to refresh, factory reset, and restore your Windows 10 computer. Next, you can refresh or factory reset Windows 10, though you will lose more data. Again, after multiple tries I was not able to access this screen using this method. But, if your PC is simply not booting up and you want to try to reset it, it’s worth a try.

However, for a PC with an HDD, I would feel safer using a proven secure method…DBANs Boot and Nuke to scrub the drive clean before recycling it. But if you’re resetting your PC, this is a great option. Open the Windows Settings panel via the cog icon on the Start menu, then select Update & Security and Recovery. Windows itself recommends going through a reset as a possible way to improve the performance of a computer that isn’t running well. And if you go with Remove Everything, it will trash everything, including personal files, apps, and settings.

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